Spirit’s Bounty is a family farm and business located in Northern Kentucky. We created our products out of commitment for the natural care of our pets, livestock and personal care. Our knowledge is from over 40 years experience in using herbs, oils and homeopathy. Our pet line was created by our Integrative Veterinarian who is certified in homeopathy. By using plant-based natural products, we are using the safest, most earth friendly means to address skin issues affecting us and our animal friends.

All of our products are made from the best quality ingredients sourced from our farm and around the world and combined and packaged in our facility in Kentucky, U.S.A. Our products NEVER contain antibiotics or steroids. The ingredients that are grown on the farm have never been treated with petroleum based insecticides, fertilizers, or glyphosate. NO ingredients are GMO. Our wild crafted ingredients simply grow wild, and are collected in a sustainable fashion.

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